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Only certain songs malfunction...

I have about 300 songs on my Sansa e200, but a few of the songs malfunction. They start to play, and then a few seconds into the song, it stops playing in one of my headphones, but continues in the other. When I play the song through my computer using the same headphones, the song plays fine. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Only certain songs malfunction...

It may have something to do with the file type of the songs, but perhaps a firmware malfunction. So:

Reload firmware


Connect via MSC and reload the files.

if that doesn't help, im not sure what will.

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Re: Only certain songs malfunction...

Is your e200 a v1 or v2?
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Re: Only certain songs malfunction...

Note that formatting will remove all the songs on the unit. Although it often works, it is a drastic step.


I'd look at the ID3 tags of the malfunctioning songs first--right click song, Properties/Summary/Advanced--and see if there are odd characters, long comments, etc. Or run ChkDsk  and see what it turns up.  

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Re: Only certain songs malfunction...

You could try converting them to .wav and back to .mp3.  That will probably fix the problem, at the expense of some quality degradation.  Convert at the highest possible quality back and forth to .wav and back.  I've solved some problems with some audio book files that way, so I wasn't too worried about the sound quality so long as it was audibly legible.  If you don't like the sound quality of the conversion process at least you can delete the file and start over.
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Re: Only certain songs malfunction...

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Check your ID3 tag first.


Try downloading MP3TAG to set or reset your ID3 tags.


Mp3-PRO codec MP3s will give the same " unknown " file name error as a bad ID3 tag so check your ID3 tag first.


Convert to WAV then back to conventional MP3.


Tested on a couple refurbed E260s 01...18j firmware using MSC mode to transfer the files.


Went back to MTP afterwards. 

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