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New player turned on to charge, now won't turn on at all...

I got the express 1G player (cuz my other 4G sansa stopped working after a couple months).  I take it out of the box, plug it in, the computer recognizes it and begins charging it.. cool, I add songs.. Then, wanting to actually use my player I try to disconnect it, but I don't see the tray icon to disconnect, so I pull it out.  I mess with the settings (turn on shuffle, etc.) and am checking it out, I move the hold button (from unlocked to locked I think) and the thing turns off.  Now it won't turn back on, if I plug it back into my computer the computer doesn't recognize it or try to charge it.  I have tried holding down the menu button while the hold button was in the locked position and while unlocked.. am I being lame or my 2nd Sansa product being lame?