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Lost loading cd

I bought a Sansa e260 for my daughter's birthday, and she lost the cd and booklet before we even got a chance to load it onto our computer.  Can this be replaced? 
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Re: Lost loading cd

Weird that SanDisk doesn't have it online for users. Good thing is you don't need the software for just using the player for songs. The software is for changing the formats of pictures and videos to upload to your Sansa. I would call SanDisk and explain your issue to them.
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Re: Lost loading cd

Change it MSC mode and get Media Monkey. Or use MSC mode and use Windows Media player. Wih videos it is a different story. Good luck Smiley Happy
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Re: Lost loading cd

For converting videos, grab the Media Converter software here.

But you don't need to install any software to move .mp3 songs from computer to Sansa. Just put it in MSC mode, click on My Computer and you'll see Sansa as a folder can open, and Music inside that folder. Just copy the albums/songs into there.
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