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How To Make Playlists on the E280v2

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I toiled night and day for over 72 hours to figure out how to make playlists on this device. I read all kinds of posts on the subject which gave me clues that helped tremendously, but only was able to give me a playlist with filenames only that would not play.


Support felt that reformatting was necessary over and over. I had no intention of losing 7.5 Gb of files after the first reformat. I uninstalled Windows Media Player 10 (WMP10) and reinstalled it. I installed Rhapsody. I installed Media Monkey. I installed Sanse Playlister. I ran a little software program made by a kindhearted person that put all kinds of files in my playlist folder that only appeared empty, though it was a nifty thing that probably worked on other systems. I came the closest with Winamp, however, but only got a list of songs that would not play, as already mentioned.  So, by applying some of the things I learned here, this is how I finally was able to make a playlist (let me mention that one I have is over 100 files and it plays well so far, and I DO NOT have service pack 2 and I do not have a validated Windows XP. I also have all kinds of Limewire and Kazaa files and all work):


1) Using WMP10, find the Sansa list of "All Music". Then drag several into the "New Playlist" window.

2) Save playlist and name it, making note of the directory where it ends up. This is important: Save it as an M3U file. DO NOT accidentally save it as "all files" type or wpl or pla or something else.

3) Access the folder where the playlist is saved via Windows Explorer (NOT THROUGH WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER DIRECTORY)

4) Copy the file

5) Paste the M3U playlist file in the music folder of the Sansa via Windows Explorer Do not place it in playlist folder. It must be in the music folder.

6) Now you must edit the M3U file. To do this:

    a) right click file

    b) "open with" notepad or select "edit" and you will see something similar to this:



#EXTINF:0,Metal Heart.mp3
G:\MUSIC\Accept\Metal Heart\Metal Heart.mp3


G:\MUSIC\Accept\Russian Roulette\Monsterman.MP3


#EXTINF:0,Show Me The Way.MP3
G:\MUSIC\Peter Frampton\Sounds Of The Seventies - 1976\Show Me The Way.MP3


#EXTINF:0,Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song).mp3
G:\MUSIC\Incubus\S.C.I.E.N.C.E\Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song).mp3


G:\MUSIC\Anthrax\Among The Living\Indians.mp3


#EXTINF:0,Caught In A Mosh.mp3
G:\MUSIC\Anthrax\Among The Living\Caught In A Mosh.mp3


    c) Remove everything from the text except the first line"#EXTM3U", the song title, then under it the directory to the band folder, the album folder and then the file name itself followed by the tag. (.mp3, .wav, etc.) The edited playlist should look like this:


Metal Heart
Accept\Metal Heart\Metal Heart.mp3


Accept\Russian Roulette\Monsterman.MP3


Show Me The Way
Peter Frampton\Sounds Of The Seventies - 1976\Show Me The Way.MP3


Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)
Incubus\S.C.I.E.N.C.E\Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song).mp3


Anthrax\Among The Living\Indians.mp3


Caught In A Mosh
Anthrax\Among The Living\Caught In A Mosh.mp3


7) Save the edited playlist file by "save" on the "File" tab drop down menu or by typing the "S" key while holding down the "ctrl" key if you have XP. Ctrl/S won't work on Millenium.


8) Here are some things to remember:

    a) The Sansa E280v2 will not recognize strange letters such as the Ö in "Blue Öyster Cult" or the ÿ in "Queensrÿche" so these must be edited out of both the playlist information and the file names and in the advanced summary properties of the file itself. This seems to only cause problems within playlists, not the actual songs on the player itself. The way to do this is:


1) go to the file with strange character

2) right click

3) go to "properties"

4) select "summary" tab

5) go to "advanced" button

6) edit wherever strange characters appear.

7) also edit all folders and subfolders that have the same strange characters in them.


I want to mention that it is very important that the files used in making the above playlist must come from your Sansa player, not your library on your PC or another device that might be plugged into WMP. That's why I said "find the Sansa list of 'All Music'." Songs must be selected from this directory while making a playlist using windows media player 10 so that when the playlist information is put into the music folder of the Sansa, it will follow the path to the files on the Sansa, not somewhere else. If songs are selected from the main library which come from your PC, these names will not play on your Sansa device after you make a playlist with them because it will search the file path recorded from where the files exist on the computer, not the player.


I hope this does the trick for anyone with this device that is having the trouble I had.




Craig (captnemo1965 at youtube)

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Re: How To Make Playlists on the E280v2

How do you use WMP10 without a validated XP?  I don't have a validated XP and stopped using WMP for that reason (although 9 is installed).  I use WinAmp instead.
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Re: How To Make Playlists on the E280v2

WMP10 works fine with an unvalidated XP. It's WMP11 that won't install.


Winamp enabled me to make a playlist on my PC, but wouldn't put one on the device for some reason. By editing the Winamp playlist, that's how I was able to get one to work on the device.

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Re: How To Make Playlists on the E280v2

You can use Media Monkey it is free and easy to user, you have to put your device in MTP mode so that you can transfer your playlists from the computer to the device.


Also you guys you might think of buying a legitimate copy of Windows and save yourself the hassel of dealing with all the software issues.