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E260 problem with Rhapsody

I'm going nuts....
for 1 week after I bought it, my e260 worked fine with my Rhapsody To Go account.  Then all my song licenses expired on it after only the 1 week.  I connected it to Rhapsody and it wouldn't renew the licenses.  I called Rhapsody and they had me troubleshoot the DRM files and by the time they finished I couldn't drag new songs to my player, authorize/deauthorize my player or computer or anything else!  After fooling with Rhapsody on my own (re-installing etc.) I finally have it authorizing correctly but when I drag a track to the player it gives me an error that says unable to obtain device certificate.  I've run all the standard troubleshoots from their help menu.  Any suggestions?  This is a real pain and I can't see paying $15 a month if I can't get songs onto my player.  Say what you want but my teen daughters ipod and itunes don't do this crap!
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Re: E260 problem with Rhapsody

Try the E200R board.
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