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Difference Between MSC & MTP USB modes

Being new to the whole MP3 world, I am trying to get my daughters Sansa e250 back up and running.  So, I will be posting several posts on here in hopes that you "experts" out there can help me learn a bit more.
What is the difference in the two types of USB modes (MSC & MTP)??
Which one am I better off using?
As far as I know, she is Ripping MP3's from her CD's using Windows Media Player 11, then "Dragging & Dropping" them into the Music folder (on the Sansa e250).  Personally, I prefer to download them from my MP3 download sit (MP3 Rocket Pro) and then drop them into the Music folder.  I see that Windows Media Player puts them into Subfolders by artist, whereas I like my songs alphabetized by title, but that's just me.
Thanks for the help...Martnus
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Re: Difference Between MSC & MTP USB modes

MSC is a usb mass storage class which works on almost any OS. MTP is sort of like the ipod format, only windows proprietry which allows you to sync up your player. Hope this helped Smiley Happy
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Re: Difference Between MSC & MTP USB modes

Just to clarify a little.

For your method, you'd use MSC, which  makes your Sansa like another drive in your computer. You plug it in and look in My Computer, and there's Sansa E260 E: (or another drive letter). Click Explore and you'll see a bunch of folders including Music. Drag, drop and rock.

I use MSC myself.

MTP (Media Transfer Protocol or something like that) is made to work with Windows Media Player version 10 or above. Your daughter can open WMP 11, connect the player and synchronize the files or drag-and-drop.

The Albums/Artist/etc. information is read by the player NOT from your filenames, but from the ID3 tags in the mp3s.   If the computer is online with WMP ripping the CDs, it automatically gathers the ID3 tags.  I don't know if the files on MP3 Rocket Pro are tagged  or not. You can look at them by playing them with Windows Media Player and clicking Advanced Tag Editor, which can also help you re-tag a whole album at a time with Album Title, Artist, etc., or fix individual song titles, or put the songs in any order you want with Track Number .

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