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Assorted Problems

Hi guys.  Well, i have the 6 gig version of the Sansa player with the latest firmware update. 1.) My first problem arose when i noticed i started to get the "bad track" and would skip songs when i had it on random. I went to the individual folders and they would play fine.  However, an album that i had added to the player was not there anymore.  i checked it out on the computer and it turned out that the files were no longer in the album folder but just some other junk files and folders that i could not delete. so other than the "bad track" it wasn't that big of a deal. 

Now for #2.)  Now when i power up the player, and i try to use the wheel to access anything,  i'm only able to scroll in one direction. in other words, if i try and turn up the volume, the volume bar goes down instead of up.  I just have to keep scrolling until it finally decides it wants to work the right way.  It also has become slow and unresponsive more and more.  so basically i'm screwed. Just wondering if some kind of virus could affect it or what?

Just wanted to share my frustrations with you guys.  If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.  Also, just wondering if anyone has used the FACTORY RESET and what affect it has on the player.  Thanks.

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Re: Assorted Problems

I'm having the exact same problem with my 2 gig e250. But now it has escalated to not being able to make it out of the "Refresh Database" screen even after elaving it on for several hours. If any one has any idea as to how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Assorted Problems

Welcome Claco34, To the SanDisk Community Forums!

For Claco34, those junk files seem like an issue that "Windows Error Checking" can resolve for you.... Please change the mode over to MSC via Settings > USB Mode > MSC

Then open My Computer, Right Click on the Sansa, and pick Properties, from here, click on the Tools, then click on "Check Now"... Make sure there is 2 check marks enabled, then click Start... then wait for it to finish.  Once it does, disconnect the device and see if the issue is resolved.


Welcome Leper_Kahn, Please try doing a Soft Reset - This is done by pressing and holding the menu button for 15 seconds, or until the player turns off.  Then connect it to the computer.  If the player still says refresh database then seems to "Stick" at the same spot after 5 minutes, please try this FIX (please select the option to format your player, doing so will erase everything off of it)