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A Thank You

First of all I would like to say thanks to everyone who helped me out about three months ago when I wrote in with a problem.  I was the one who wrote saying I was getting a Found New Hardware MTP device word ballon over and over again when I went to plug in my Sansa e280. 


I purchase 2Gig of memory for my computer because I had been advised it would improve my system's performance.  The next time I plugged my Sansa into the system, I go the standard Found New Hardware message by almost immediately got another message saying my device was now installed and was ready to use.  I went to Yahoo Music (my subscription service) and found I could download to the e280 without a problem.  I re-synchronized my entire music library and added 22 playlists to my player.  Ever since that moment it has worked like a dream.  I have not had a single problem.