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differences in 240 and rest of c200 series?

I got a refurb c240 (I have a Fuze, too) and I'm trying to find out the differences between the c240 and the rest of the Sansa line of mp3 players. Is there a list or a chart that I can use for this purpose? In searching the boards for info on the c240, a LOT of the info posted seems to pertain to the c250 or other c200 series players. Does the info for the c200 series ALL pertain to the c240, too? If it says to do X for one of the 200 series, is it safe to do the X to the c240?


Can I safely use the Sansa pin connector that's for my Fuze for the c240 also? They LOOK alike, but I wonder if it's safe. I'd like to get rid of some of the wires connected to my PC if I can.


Thanks for your help.

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Re: differences in 240 and rest of c200 series?

I use the same pin connector for my c240, Fuze, and e280. They also fit the docking station.

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Re: differences in 240 and rest of c200 series?

The primary difference in the c200 series is that the c240 (and some early c250s) hardware uses a different chipset than the later players (e.g. recent c250s). Rockbox is a free, open-source, alternative firmware which is superb, but only supported on the earlier chipset (usually c240s).


You can determine the player's hardware version by checking its (matching) firmware version in the system menu. v1 hardware is driven by firmware revisions starting with '01' (e.g. '01.01.01p'); 2nd-gen hardware runs firmware starting with '03'.  NEVER try to install non-matching firmware.


Only a stupid manufacturer would make several different devices that have physically compatible sync cables that are electrically incompatible; then again, Earth is absolutely LOADED with idiots, so it's usually best to get the manufacturer to SAY (quotably) that the stuff works together before trying it yourself.


Good question, and it looks like someone else has confirmed the cables are interchangeable.

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