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Transferring Songs Into MSC Mode

I have about 150 songs on my C240. I want to bring these songs in MSC format so that I can play them on xbox 360. Is there a quick way to doing so, or am I gonna have to delete all my songs off my mp3 and then drag and drop them into the MSC music folder?
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Re: Transferring Songs Into MSC Mode

Okay, MSC is not a format, but a mode... the format is MP3. I know you don't want to read this, and you think I'm nit-picking, but the VERY REASON people have so many problems with technology is that they DON'T bother about the details. ;-) Anyway... 


You'll have to transfer the files back onto your PC into some temporary folder, then "erase" them from your player (unless they already "moved off" during the transfer), then disconnect your player and set it to MSC mode, then connect it to your PC (it'll appear as a new "disk drive", with a letter and all). Finally, copy the files onto the player. Where to? Make your own folder in the root, or try to use the "magic" folders that the Sansa firmware looks at (you can figure them out by searching for an .MP3 whose filename you know, while the player is acting as a drive on your PC).


In short, yes, you'll have to do that annoying procedure.


This is one of the many scenarios that backs my advice to always use "mass storage" mode for devices you intend to store things on and connect to other things (e.g. a car stereo deck with an MP3 slot).

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