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sansa view says invalid image

last night I formatted my grandpa's sansa view 8gb in an attempt to fix it. He has had it for awhile now and it has been his favorite mp3 player yet, but a few weeks ago it started messing up. It would turn on just fine, but then it would freeze up and you would have to restart it so he was forced to buy a new one. so as i was saying i attempted to format it using vista however about a quarter of the way through the format i accidentally exited out of the format utility and since then it will not start correctly. when i turn it on now it mounted at first and showed a 16mb flash drive with a file that says version and there is 7.6mb free so i cannot even put the firmware file in it so i can reinstall it. and now it will not even mount, when i turn it on it loops through the sansa start up screen, and then turns white and freezes or spits out a bunch of error messages saying something like (locked unlocked) repeated over and over is there any way i could possibly fix this player or have i totaly screwed up on this one.