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What is LaunchU3.exe?

An upgrade my computer is telling me about, wants me to install a blank CD and write to it.  Also has a file with SanDisk files on it, like SanDiskFromatExtension.dll, so I assume it's from SanDisk.


Did a net search on LaunchU3.exe, some sites claim it's cleans up your registry, others claim it a virus, other claim, no harm by downloading it.


Anyone hear of this?  I have long deleted the auto updating software from my computer regarding San Disk upgrades, our View is working fine the way it is.  And the more startup programs you have, this more ram you are using, and the slower will your computer be.

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Re: What is LaunchU3.exe?

Hello.  I believe LaunchU3.exe is the U3 Launchpad application, which starts the U3 portable applications environment (U3 menu and small programs which run from a U3 compatible USB flash drive).  Do you own a Sandisk flash drive?


Go to this link to read all about U3 -


On that page there are links for U3 downloads, support and a Launchpad removal tool.  Good luck.