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I think I might have a virus on my View that shuts down USB ports. Any suggestions to clean it up?

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Re: Virus

I don't know about a virus, but about a year ago I could have sworn that the two non-functioning usb ports on my laptop stopped working right after I disconnected my view. They now have an output of about 3.5 to 3.7 volts, I think the view fryed something in there.

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Re: Virus

Although I think it might be hardware related (short circuit or something), a virus can not be completely excluded. Can you still manage to get the View working on a USP port? If so, plug it in, right click on the drive in My Computer, and scan for viruses (most anti-virus put an option to do that in the context menu). Do that in both MTP and MSC modes. You might try to do that in Windows "Safe mode", but I'm not sure if the View will be properly detected in that mode...


An other thing you might do is turn on the "Show hidden files and folders" option in folder options. Look in the root folder of the View. You might have a hidden file called something like "autorun.bat". A file like that might execute something without your knowledge as soon as you plug in the player. But before deleting anything, I would check in here to make sure you are not deleting anything essential to the View...