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View won't turn on without soft reset.

Well, my MP3 player was working fine the day before yesterday and I never let it sit in the cold and its fully charged. My problem is that I have to soft reset it every time I want to turn it on, the problem just started today.  Now, to fix the problem I have tried formating it both on the mp3 player itself and through the computer, I've also changed it to MPC mode and formatted it that way, nothing seems to be working. I also called the Tech support and even though I have the most recent firmware they told me to reupdate it. But they hurried me off the line and the problem isn't fixed. I really don't know what else to do, any suggestions that I haven't tried?

I've also had some battery issues with it saying that its not charged when I had just taken it off the charger but thats okay it's almost a year old now and thats normal as far as I can tell, but maybe not?