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Urgent help!

Im planning on buying a Sansa View 16 Gb player and I've been looking for people's opinion about this device. A lot of them said that the Sansa View gets stuck a lot(!) but those comments was written six to ten month ago. I've seen that newer versions of the sansa view came out so I wanted to know if SanDisk fixed this problem, does anybody know something about it?


Thanks Razi. 

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Re: Urgent help!

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The last update for firmware for the View was a year ago this month. Guess they're done with it.

No- most of the freezing, etc problems were never fixed. Most have either learned to live with them, or have purchased another player to replace it. We still hold out hope for Rockbox someday, however unlikely.



Best advice- If you're going to purchase one, get it someplace like BestBuy that has an extended warranty you can purchase. Purchase the extended warranty. Then if/when you decide you don't like it, you can trade it in towards something else. Smiley Wink

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