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Unsupported Media Format

So, here's the deal: I convert all my View videos using Any Video Converter, maybe you've heard of it, maybe not. Anyways, all have been working fine until one fateful day 4 of my videos turn out to be in a "Unsupported Media Format". Why it says that, I'm not sure. All I'm sure about is I have been using the same settings to convert all my videos, if anyone is interested in helping me out with this issue, feel free to ask me anything that may pertain to solving this issue. In the mean time, here's some details you may need to know:


-Converted to *.mp4 using the mpeg-4 codec

-Bitrate: 256

-Framerate: 24

-Video Size: Same as original to avoid stretching, if size is above 640x480 then I scale it down. 

-Audio codec: aac

-Audio bitrate: 128

-Sample Rate: 44100 

-Extra Detail: I transferred my files using MSC. The converted videos play absolutely fine in Windows Media Player, so they are NOT corrupt.


Keep in mind that my videos DID work, but now only 75% of my output videos are in the "supported" media format.  I have also tried MANY different things to get my videos to work properly, and they have all failed (some attempts include video resize, cropping, re-converting, etc.).


Well, good luck at solving my issue. I do not want to hear any of this "SANSA SUCKS OMGZORZ" crap, that is not what I'm here for.






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Re: Unsupported Media Format

I've always used the settings in the first post of this thread:


and it has never failed to work. The settings are not exactly the same as yours, so it might be worth trying.



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Re: Unsupported Media Format

It looks like I have found my solution. Apparently, my "unsupported" videos were not of equal pixel length (in increments of 16) and could not be resized by my view. By using the setting to preserve aspect ratio instead of keeping the original or scaled down pixels, I have successfully converted my "unsupported" files into files that can be resized and watched on my view.

@mmaser wrote:


Video Resize must be checked for non-native 320x240 (4:3) video sources.  Use “Fit to Width” for widescreen video sources, use “Fit to Height” for long video sources.  Both “Fit” modes must have checked “Round to 16 Pixels”.  In this way you preserve the aspect ratio of the original source, **while still creating a View compliant 320x240 video.**


This also explains why some of my videos worked: they were already in fullscreen aspect or their widescreen was not messed up into off-16-bit numbers. I tested this on one of my "unsupported" files and it seems to work fine. Bear in mind that the 320x240 video size is not required, the video can be 640x480 or lower. The only thing I have now learned is that if the pixel numbers vary and appear as odd or unable to be divided by 16, they MUST be conformed by either using the method above or by slightly stretching the video by adjusting the broken number.
Many thanks to vroom, mmaser, and all their sources for this help!