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This is very troubling

I've had my View for about a year now and i've gone through just about every problem on this site, I still have the original VIew I bought, which shows that most problems are more user related.


Unfortunatley I've come across a new problem. My player shut off. I know that this part isn't new, but the player would not restart, turn back on, nothing. The battery is fully charged, and if the meter was wrong then when I try to turn it on it would just say that there isn't enough battery power system shutdown. When I connected it to my base station nothing happened. Same with my computer. I eventually got it to connect to my computer, but i'm not sure how. When it connected to the computer I was able to transfer files and such, but the player did not go into connected mode, I was able to listen to the files on my player while I transfered other files. I disconnected my player and reconnected it. Everything was fine, It now connects to my base station and as far as I know everything is fine. However, I can't have it die like this all the time, I am not even close to my computer for most of the day, so when its done, its done until after supper. If anyone else has had this problem then please post. It may be something I'll have to contact Sandisk about.


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Re: This is very troubling

I haven't heard about this yet. Maybe you should contact SanDisk.

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Re: This is very troubling

Did you get any info from Sansa?  Your situation sounds similar to mine.