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Re: This May Help Many View Users !!

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I too have a question about Any DVD Converter Pro.


I've been using Any Video Converter and my videos work except they tend to freeze and a few have the audio out of sync. But my big thing is that any wide screen videos end up all squished. I noticed in the settings you posted that there is a setting for maintaining widescreen. Is this only for Any DVD Converter Pro or does the free version of Any Video Converter have this too? I'll gladly buy the Pro in order to get that but I'd like to make sure that the free version doesn't already have it and I'm just not looking in the right place for it.


Thanks so much for all your info (and other people's info too). It's been very helpful!


Oh, also, what is SlyFox? I couldn't find it on the internet when I did a search. Do you have a link for that one?

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Re: This May Help Many View Users !!

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Hi folks. Like a whole bunch of people out there, I've been wondering about the battery charge of my Sansa View. I got it a couple of weeks ago, I fully charged it before using it (or at least I thought I did...more on that later...) and then started to use it, audio only, no video play whatsoever and no pic use other than when I originally uploaded the pics.  I used it for about an hour a day, and after 5 or 6 six days (don't recall exactly), the battery died on me (giving me quite a scare, BTW...). So I plugged it once more and "fully" charged it...again...and again, after some 5 days, battery was down... I never really kept track of how long the device was plugged to be “fully charged”, but I wanna say something like 2-2 ½  hours. I assumed (and now I've been led to believe that I was wrong in doing so) that once the "electric bolt" icon disappeared and the battery icon was “fully green”, that the device was fully charged. 


I finally decided to give the technical support guys at Sandisk a call this morning, and after speaking with with one of their representatives and explaining my experience, he recommended that I: 


1-      plug the View at a back USB port of my desktop, as opposed to the ones in the front

2-      I allow the device to charge for 4 hours 


Although I had already braced myself to the idea of not really getting much help for this specific issue (having read many customer reviews stating the same), I was a bit puzzled with these suggestions. But I decided to give ‘em a shot anyway. Just as the previous times I had charged the View, the “electric bolt” icon disappeared and the battery icon appeared “fully green” after about 2 ½ hours, just as I had expected. I left the View connected a little while longer while I took care of some stuff, and when I came back to my desk like ½ hour or so later I found that much to my surprise, the battery icon showed only ½ charge, but no “electric bolt” icon, which would suggest that the device was NOT fully charged and that it was NOT charging at the moment. 


So I decided to conduct a little experiment and changed the connection from the back to the front USB port once again and lo and behold, there was the “electric bolt” icon once again, showing that the device was apparently continuing to charge itself. Now ain’t that curious?


This leads me to believe that the exact same thing happened during the previous charges: I plugged it, waited for the “electric bolt” icon to disappear and the battery icon to be “fully green” and assumed that the View was fully charged, when in fact it wasn’t. So right now, I’m a bit confused and I’m not really sure of what to make of this “find”, but I thought that maybe someone out there might, and maybe this could help someone having the same issue. 


And one more thing: I’m a dinosaur on my way to extinction, so I don’t understand ANY of those terms that some of you fellas use, such as “cycling the battery” and so on. So, for the sake of us relics of the Cold War (I’m sure there are a few more out there other than me), could someone explain to me IN PLAIN ENGLISH what is it exactly that one is supposed to do in order to make sure that a new battery (or a new battery powered device) will in fact charge to its full capacity?   


Thank you 




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Re: This May Help Many View Users !!

Wow Mmaser,



      Very nice post. I just got my View a few weeks ago and so far so good for me. Only thing I dont like is I'm still looking for a case of some sort. Not a big fan of putting it in my pocket ya know.


      But anyway, great job on the post, Kudos my friend.

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Re: This May Help Many View Users !!

Mmaser, I have two questions for you:


1) The format feature; is it a good idea for me to do it?


2) Th MSC mode is the drag and drop, right? Then why can't I drop a MPEG-4 movie onto the View, and have it play?


Thanks, DV

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Re: This May Help Many View Users !!

Well the set to width worked fine with some WS vids I made. Just one thing Im not clear on what does "Round to 16 pixels" setting do? When I converted a ws for my player I had only selected fit to width and like I said it seemed to work great but I didn't use the other settings.
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Re: This May Help Many View Users !!

Demon View,




Question 1 - Reformatting is a good idea to do every so often....  When you move content to and from (deleting include) it still leaves is make... Which cause avoidable hang ups....  Just like it's a good idea to defragmenting you PC hard drive every now and then. 


Question 2 - You can drag and drop movies... Just connect in MTP mode, open my computer, open the View, open the Video folder.  The grab the video file and drop the file there (Sansa Video folder).  You should be all set...


Hope this helps...


Good luck

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Re: This May Help Many View Users !!

I sent my view for warranty support from battery/radio problems ( and remorse), and got a whole new one ,no hussle or anything.  I just loved the costumer service, they were pretty quick , about 2 weeks,is what took to do the whole process .  I just tested it, and followd one of the tip to charge and then discharge the view before use... so i'm dong this and my view just entered beast mode... it's been 28 hrs of continous playback and it still shows that there's still half bttery left, did i even needed to this?  I feel like i'm fuking it up istead of helping it(it doesnt need any help at all; it's beasting) ;  if this view works as it is now, Sandisk has all my rspects for life!!!!
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Re: This May Help Many View Users !!

Thanks for all the details. You Rock!!


I was in the same boat trying to get the View to accept my videos or even get the SMC to work. With your information, I was able to setup my cloner/converter software for a successfull MP4 movie. No more "unsupported format" for me, after trying all weekend!!


The Sansa Media Converter is scrap. I spent hours loading all the suggested/required software/drivers, with no luck. My SMC would crash everytime it started the convert process, so I thought I had driver issues that could be effecting my other coverter software. Not so, after using your suggested IPOD x.264/MP4 setup.


Now my son can watch his favorite movies in the car ride, while making the Christmas rounds this year.



Thanks again.

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mac osx ubuntu working conversion solution

I am using handbrake 0.9.3 for mac osx 10.5.6


The settings I am using to convert my videos to the player are:



VIDEO CODEC: H.264(X264)





for a 43 minute video it takes me approximately 30 minutes for 1 pass.  Works well, videos look good. Sorry for the caps, wasn't screaming, just wanted to emphasize the settings for those who don't want to read. 


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Re: mac osx ubuntu working conversion solution


thanks for the info on handbrake. However I'm in process of converting the whole production of Arrested Development (loaded from net) into View and naturally ran into some problems with OSX 10.5.6. 


I followed your settings, except for FPS I left it to 'Same as source' (not sure if it matters but I live in PAL area) and Output is 368x208. 


The conversion went well for the first three episodes I converted, but after tossing them files to SansaView it merely stated that the video format is not supported. The outputs are .M4V, is that correct or should I try something else?


I'm quite anxious to test videos on this beastie, so all help is appreciated to let a maccist to enjoy the Sansa.