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Song Search

What is the current status of searching for songs? It is very cumbersome to search for a song when you have 3K songs and the song does not begone with 'A'.


If search is too difficult for you, how about at least a A-Z list that we can at least jump to that part of the alphabet?


Seems like common sense.




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Re: Song Search

you can also search songs by Artist, album, or genre assuming all your files have the id3 tags configured.
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Re: Song Search

Right, but that's not very helpful, either.

It's even more a PITA since the songs list doesn't contain the artist. When you have several songs with the same or similar titles, but from different artists, it's _very_ hard to keep them apart.
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Re: Song Search

How would it be difficult to tell them apart. If you're looking at the songs in Artist view, it should be pretty easy to figure out which one is played by which artist?

Personally I have no idea why you'd want to search through an entire song list for one track, presumably if you put it on the player, you at least would have a pretty good assumption of which artist played that song your looking for.. personally I have over 3000 songs on my View and I can recall which song is played by which artist.. I may be missing the point of another redundant way to find songs though Smiley Indifferent 

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Re: Song Search

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Just trust him, its a ***** to find some tracks, especially if their tags arn't in order. Plus it just takes a long *** time to scroll that far, and then not be able to scroll from z-a.


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Re: Song Search

I'm also on the side of smartin64, I can't believe that there isn't a function to at least scroll rapidly to a certain starting letter (a-z).  Right now, this song list is somewhat useless if you can't find something in there without scrolling for hours. 


And the reason why I don't wanna use the Artist section (example) is simply because I'm about always in Play All mode and I don't want to have to always re-select this mode after having chose a song by artist or album (because your current playlist changes to this specific album after that).


And even in the artist or album section, it becomes pretty long to find what you want when you have over 300 different titles.


So there's no fast solution offered ?

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Re: Song Search

Im in Complete agreement, View needs a better search system, I ve had to scroll clockwise and anti clockwise all day, looking for individual songs to put in a playlist, its ridiculous, my wrists are f@@@@@@ killing me!!! 
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Re: Song Search

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In addition to all those search methods...  what I do sometimes, is play songs based on "Recently Added"...  It will play only the last 100 songs your transferred to your View.  BTW - It lists them in the order of song titles...


Oh... Almost forgot...  Let's say I'm in the middle of playing a song...  (regardless of search criteria)  You can press the menu button (down on the direction pad) and select "Back to music list" and it will jump back into your search, without having to go back the home (icon) screen. 



EXAMPLE: Let's say I'm playing by GENRE (my favorite method) and I'm listening to RAP, and the play a song by the artist Jay Z, but I don;t want to hear that song, but I DO want to hear another song by the same artist....  I press menu button, select "Back to music list" all of JayZ's songs will be right there...  Because even though I sort by GENRE, when I press menu button and "back to music list" option, it actually sorts by artists, BUT the songs are listed by songs title, EVEN THOUGH it is sorted by the artists...


Confused????  Don't be...  It's a great search option....


The View, by the way in my opinion, is "A Jack of all trades, but a King of none...."


Hope this helps...


Good Luck !!!

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