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Re: Ruckus, Syncing and Sansa View.

re-upgraded my licenses.  you can do that by selecting all your tracks in ruckus and right clicking then choose update licenses...

Also I meant by re-upgradeing my ruckus DRM also.

usually you Renew your licenses and upgrade software...that's how I look at things..maybe I'm just different from everyone.

when I said upgrade I meant that you delete your old DRM file make a new one and then we you RE OPEN ruckus (because you had closed it when you had made your new DRM file????? along  with WMP btw) it ASKS you would you like to upgrade your DRM?  YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE in order for it to work properly END OF STORY.

Obviously you can download your music to your computer since you tried the subscription to your MP3 player.  Also do you know what firmware version for your view you have?  the latest as of like early 2007 was 1.01 A or something like that.  maybe you need to update that?
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Re: Ruckus, Syncing and Sansa View.

I got it to work. thank you very much for all of your help!