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Re: RMA Process

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So.. I JUST got it.. and (so far) it's much better. There is a small seam, but it is minimal compared to the previous one.. more importantly there is no cracking sound when I click on buttons and the home button isn't **bleep**ed up anymore.. it works perfectly lol. Also, the cable fits more snug into the player (which it didn't before) and the wheel rotates more freely. The ultimate test will be the charging part.. but I'm allowing it to come to room temp. before I charge it (cause Li-Ions can screw up if you charge them when they're at sub-zero temps).


Also got the rhapsody CD + 30 day membership which I never did from circuit city.


Might  eventually buy a cover for this to protect since my warranty ends in february. If i get any more problems, I'll just RMA in early february. 



UPDATE: So far it's been charging for 2 hrs continuosly so I think it's golden Smiley Happy

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Re: RMA Process

same thing i was told (5-7 business days) and i needed to make sure it was gonna get it in the right address because my family was leaving Michigan to Lousiana so i mailed it 2 lousiana knowing it  would b there when i got there, so the moral of the story is when i got there, i found no sansa, and the condo's office did not get it, and the tracking order said delivered @ front door.........wht should i do, will sandisk help me?