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Question about the Sansa E280 preloaded songs

Does anyone here know the names of the preloaded songs that came with the Sansa E280?  I know I had a couple of songs that I liked but I may have accidentally erased it and now I can't remember the name of the songs.  Any help will be much appreciated.  Thanks.
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Re: Question about the Sansa E280 preloaded songs

Well, this is the View forum, so I don't know about the E280, but the preloaded songs are probably the same. Here are those that come with the view:


Alias & Ehren\Cobbelstoned Waltz.mp3
Andrew Paul Woodworth\Starting To Turn.mp3
Chris Clouse\Mona Lisa.mp3
Felonious\The Music.mp3
Franc D'Ambrosio\Danny Boy.mp3
Gretchen Lieberum\You Closer.mp3
Heavyweight Dub Champion\Return Of The Champion.mp3
Kevin Carlberg\Morning After.mp3
Loquat\Swingset Chain.mp3
Los Pinguos\Fumaza.mp3
Recliner\Leaving Hollywood.mp3
Stroke 9\Little Black Backpack.mp3
Stroke 9\Next Time.mp3
The Caroline Movement\Highway Appeal.mp3
The Jones Gang\Angel.mp3
The Procession\Major & Minor.mp3
The Red Thread\Wax Museum.mp3
The Shanghai Restoration Project. Amos Winbush\Babylon of the Orient.mp3
The Slip\Even Rats.mp3
Umphreys McGee\Women Wine and Song.mp3



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Re: Question about the Sansa E280 preloaded songs

Thank you so much vroom. I've been struggling to remember the song, it's been so long (at least for my life span). Tonight i finally remembered something about "ressurection" and then it was "restoration" and i typed it into google and it said "project" after it and then it clicked but I still couldn't remember the missing link and finally i said f*** it I'll backtrack and trace it from the root and that's when i found this. You've saved me seriously. Thanks again

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Re: Question about the Sansa E280 preloaded songs

I just wanted to say thank you very much I kid u not I've been looking for the name of the song of major and minor by the procession since I lost my mp3 player back in 2008 and I couldn't ever remember it and here I am 9 yrs later and 25 instead of 16 and I've finally found it thanks to u guys and I'm so seriously thankful lol. It has seriously bugged me for the last 9 yrs and I had mostly given up until tonight I decided to look one last time