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Playlist Problem

I have Windows XP w/ SP2, and I'm using Windows Media Player.


When I first got my View, sometimes the computer would read it when it connected, and sometimes it didn't. After a while, it was always read when it connected to my comouter, but it showed up as a device and not a drive. And this was fine.


Then I started having problems again, did some searching, and found out about the firmware and the MSC mode. I uploaded it, and that was a big mistake right there.


My computer will read my View, but ONLY in MSC mode. It NEVER reads it when it's set to "Auto".


In MSC mode, I apparently have lost all ability to add Playlists to my View. I try to add them in WMP, and it goes through the motions, but when I check the View there is massive fail. If I added a song to a pre-existing playlist, it won't be in the queue (but it will be on the player). If I add a new playlist, the songs will transfer, but the Playlist won't show up at all.


I tried manually adding playlists in Explorer, but they still don't show up when I disconnect. Furthermore, a number of music files get an ERROR message when I transfer them in WMP. These files all play fine on my computer.


Is there some way to fix this problem? Alternately, is there someway I can remove the firmware update from my View?