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Out-of-warranty Sansa View with a broken LCD

I realize similar questions have been asked, but none of them have answered my variation Smiley Indifferent

Can anything be done if it's out of warranty?


I got it for christmas last year ('08) and it was is a refurb'd 16 gig sansa view and I believe it had a 3 month warranty.


The inner lcd is cracked/broken into 3 pieces, and when I attempt to turn it on there is a noticable black spot (a hole maybe) at the bottom center of the lcd and the device turns off after about 3-5 seconds. I am not sure how it happened as the outer casing is not cracked (there are some scratches, but those were there prior to the lcd breaking).

I'm curious if there's a way for me to send it in to get it repaired (for a small fee maybe? as it is out of warranty), as I had grown quite attached to it and would rather not have to spend $100-$200 getting a new mp3 player


If anyone can help that would be awesome


Will upload pictures as soon as I can.

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Re: Out-of-warranty Sansa View with a broken LCD

Seem to be getting quite a collection of digital cameras, cellular phones, and even notebooks where most suffered the fate of even a few drops of water that killed the cheapass unprotected electronics on the inside.  Even in warranty, not covered by a few drops of water.  You can buy insurance or just toss them in a trashcan.  Guess that is why they invented trashcans.


Was able to save a couple of notebooks by finding equivalent models with different problems, the only way you can get the parts you need.  But was a wasted effort on my part, you need the equipment and knowledge to deal with surface mounted components.  Software changes obsoleted these notebooks, we live in a throwaway society that seems to contradict recycling.  None of this crap made in China is repairable.