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No files but disk space is still used up

So I turned on my player the other day to find that all my lists came up as "<Empty>".  Yet when I plug my device into the computer it still tells me I have 7.7GB of space used up.  It also tells me the disk space is being used if I look under "Info" on the player menu when it isnt plugged into the computer.  Why is this happening and how can I fix it?


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Re: No files but disk space is still used up

That happened to me as well.  Since it was new, and still under warranty, I formatted it from the Sansa's menu, and was able to re-sync it using media player.  It worked after that.  I actually had trouble syncing it to begin with, and was only able to move files using explorer, until I formatted it.  My only loss was the demo files that came with the Sansa.