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Mediamonkey auto sync causing problems?



- I have a 16Gb view originally running V1.02 now upgraded to 1.03.

- I used Mediamonkey (3.03) to autosync from my 35Gb library until the Sansa was 'full' - running Vista

- I tend to use it for MP3 only, set to random and frequently want to skip over a song

- I always push up the slider for a few moments to turn the unit off ('Goodbye' on screen) 

- I charge from a USB charger plugged into a wall socket (other memebrs here seem to feel charging through std USB on a PC isn't completely effective).



Until yesterday problems include

- Degradation of selecting next random song taking from a few seconds to 1/2 way through a song until hitting 3'o'clock on the dial had no effect

- Same type of performance degradation showing song title and details on screen - one song playing while information might be a few songs behind

- Degradation is being able to turn the unit off (having to hold the slider up for 30 seconds before the music would stop

- Degradation in performing any other function such as volume altering

- Occasionally, no 'Goodbye' when attempting to turn off

- Often restarting plays the same first song at the same point as the previous session

- Battery life doesn't seem to go anywhere near 35 hours.


What I tried which didn't make any changes

- Upgrading from 1.02 to 1.03; no change

- Reformat and reload music (multiple times); no change

- Fooled around with MSC mode; no change


What I tried which *did* make a change

- I reformatted the Sansa View

- Selected 13Gb or musinc (just selected the folders from A-L) and dragged and dropped onto the Music folder in the Sansa.

    - Pushing wheel at 3'o'clock jumps to next song straight way

   - Shutdown is good and consistent

    - No more delays on MP3 infor displayed



- If this were a PC, I'd go hunting for processes pegging the CPU - just has that feel and might explain battery usage 

- I'm not sure if it was the amount of music on the Sansa or the way Mediamonkey auto sync'd it to the Sansa

- Next thing I'll try it to build a large playlist and let Mediamonkey sync that - see if it was the auto sync causing the problem or the Mediamonkey load itself.


Anyway, I'll monitor battery usage and the other issues I had in the coming days.








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Re: Mediamonkey auto sync causing problems?

No luck folks, the player soon reverted back to its unresponsive state.


I called Sansa support (from Australia) - the call went international (here we go) and was eventually answered by 'Andrei'.


English was not his native tongue.


After a while, I got my point across and Andrei sent me an email describing me to do two things

- put a blank file into the root directory called sansa.fmt then do a reformat

- redo the upgrade to 01.03.02


I did this and again dragged and dropped 12-13Gb of songs from my Vista machine.


Again, it worked ok for a few hours then trying to skip songs got worse and worse and so did the info displayed (further out of sync) and even powering it off took longer and longer pushing on the slider.


I again called Sansa support - this time I got Raluca - helpful but still a language barrier.


She asked me to format the View from the PC (this time my work XP laptop)

- Connect the View 

- Right click on my Computer

- Select 'Manage'

- Select 'Disk Management' and format the View then disconnect the View


Downhill from here on in folks,

-  it stuck on the Sandisk screen,

- I powered it off ok,

- I powered it on ok,

- it again stuck on Sandisk screen ,

- it then went blank for 5 seconds then back to the Sandisk screen - this happened for about 2 minutes before it stayed stuck on the Sandisk screen. This hadn't happened before.


She asked if I used Windows media player - I said no - initially media monkey sync then drag and drop - she said I should have been using WMP (10 or 11) and that I should re install the upgraded firmware.


That was it - I politely gave her a brief history of my life with the View so far and offered her two choices, arrange a replacement or arrange a refund. We're now in the process of organising an RMA.


I don't expect any better result with an exchanged unit but will give it a try.


Stay tuned (or buy an iPOD :-)








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Re: Mediamonkey auto sync causing problems?

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You might try NOT using ANY sync or music player program to transfer your music. I've loaded my 8GB View with MP3s by using Windows Explorer only and haven't had any problems. Just go the folders you want to put on your View, and click on them to highlight them. Then you can either right click on one of the folders a select Copy or click on the Copy button on the top bar if it appears there. Then navigate to your View's Music folder. Highlight it by right clicking on it and select paste. I leave my View set to the Auto Detect mode for all transfers.


I've used this method of transfer for all my MP3 players and have never had a problem with the songs playing on any of the players. (Note: older players may not support subfolders but usually support a folder for each artist). I only use MP3 for all my music. The only problems with the View I've had is with the way it reads the tags. By using MP3tag, (as someone else suggested), I'm fixing those. The other problem is that, unknown to me, one of the album folders for an artist was marked as Read Only. Now I can't seem to delete it. I haven't tried the MSC mode yet and I don't think that will work.




I see you did say that you reformatted and tried the Drag and Drop method, but I also see that you are using Vista. (Well there you go!). I'm using XP PRO SP3. (Better OS in MHO :smileywink:). It seems people using Vista are having more problems than those with XP.


Other than our OSes being different, I don't see where you've done anything that different than I have. I don't think there's a difference between Drag and Drop and Copy and Paste, unless Vista handles these methods differently that XP. I wish I could be of more help to you.

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