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MSC-MTP modes

I see all these problems regarding these modes. What are they and what is the difference? Is there one I'm supposed to use. Outside of the freeze up the first time i plugged it in , things have been fine.
Also, do the ones purchased at Best But only work with their music store and Rhapsody? I have problems using my yahoo music.
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Re: MSC-MTP modes

i can't really help you with the best buy thing since i never signed up for it. however, from the info i've gleemed from the forums, MTP mode is for putting music on your view and MSC mode is for pics and videos. i've heard that you can put pictures and videos onto your view from MTP mode, it just takes a different method of doing so.
p.s. -- to switch to MSC mode, turn your view on and put it in hold. press and hold the left button on the jogwheel for about 10 seconds and the screen should black out and come back. then plug your view into the computer. when you unplug it, it will switch back to MTP mode (at least mine does).
hope this helps
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Re: MSC-MTP modes

You should read this link :

If you are using your device with no issue then I wouldn't worry about it