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It would be nice...

I’ve had my View for a few months, been cruising this forum, and have found a lot of good information that has helped my View perform at mostly acceptable levels. And no, I don’t think it’s a POS. It’s my 3rd SanDisk MP3 and just one of many SanDisk products I’ve purchased. With the financial investment I and everyone else has made in SanDisk, it would be nice if SanDisk actually responded to issues discussed in this SanDisk sponsored forum. But really, SanDisk, if you can’t fix the View so it will perform as advertised or you are having an extremely difficult time making even simple tasks like fast-forward work (works fine on my E280) just tell us why. It’s far easier to accept a situation if one knows the facts. Silence and delays on the other hand… Thanks to the moderators and to everyone who has “been there and done that’.

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Re: It would be nice...

I still think the E200 is the best serie so far for Sandisk. However, you notice that E200 serie have been in the market for a long time and have had many firmware to improve. I believe the same thing will happen with the Sansa View and other Sandisk player. It just a matter of time.
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Re: It would be nice...

I own almost all the Sansa line of MP3 players and I gotta say i like the Sansa View and the Sansa Fuze. The E200's screen is too small.