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If you still don't think...

... Sandisk is dumping the View go take a look at what they're selling them for at the Sansa store.  $129 for the 32gb is $70 less than I paid for my 16gb... and still to much to pay for a paperweight, IMHO.


Such a shame, it had such potential too.



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Re: If you still don't think...

That is just so sad. Smiley Sad

Just think about all the poor fools that that price is going to sucker into buying one.

Well...maybe some of them will get lucky & get a good one. Smiley Very Happy



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Re: If you still don't think...

it did have potential.maybe they will port rockbox onto it in the future?
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Re: If you still don't think...

If there is a rockbox port, it's not happening any time soon.  The rate of development is eons behind even a port for the Connect, and was started a year or more before the now-active ports for the Fuze and Clip.
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Re: If you still don't think...

Wife wants a 16 GB micro SD chip for her 16 GB view, stopped by Bestbuy with a hundred buck pricetag on it.  Did find a geniue Sandisk 16 GB micro SD on ebay from Hong Kong for 28 bucks including shipping, see what happens.  I found a Sandisk 8 GB micro SD from my local OfficeMax store for twenty bucks, works in her View and also in my cell phone, but 8 GB is not enough for her.  Couldn't do anything with my cell phone until I got a USB cable, dealer wanted 30 bucks for one.  Found one on ebay again from Hong Kong for a buck including shipping and handling from Hong Kong.  Came in finally after three weeks, very good quality and works fine.  My computer treated it just like a memory stick, but haven't figured out all that playlist stuff on it yet.  But since I only loaded my favorite sounds on it, hit shuffle and plug it into my aux input on my car radio.  Really shouldn't play with that thing while driving anyway.  I got an LG Banter free on Black Friday with all that extra stuff in it.  Generally like a basic cell phone, but what the heck, the price was the same, free.


How about paying 8,000 bucks for a flat screen TV when they are making even better ones for under a grand?  If you want to be the first kid on the block, can really break you.


I went from 78's to LP's to reel to reel, to 8 track, to cassettes, to CD's, and now to MP3's.  What's next?  Still have my Technics turntable from the 60's, Sony 10" reel to reel from the 70's, both work and look like new yet.  I pitched everything dealing with 8 track, that drove me nuts, have a JVC dual cassette recorder from the 80's, and pleny of CD stuff from the 90's with all the compression software and wave to MP3 conversion for the computers.


When my wife was studying for her USC civics test, converted that file to MP3 and put that on her View, was a lot easier for her to carry that around instead of copying it to my 80 pound reel to reel.


Now we have Blue Ray and HDTV, while they greatly improved the quality of the sound and picture, the programming content sure sucks, and sucks big time.