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How to play Nero AAC files?

Just wondering if it's possible to play audio tracks encoded in Nero AAC on the Sansa View.  I've got some 48 kbps .m4a files made using the Nero HE AAC encoder in dBpoweramp, but they won't play back on the View.  The tags are recognized, but I get a "Bad Track" error message when I try to play them.  Is there any way I can get these files to play?



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Re: How to play Nero AAC files?

Convert them to .mp3. M4A and/or AAC formats are not supported on Sansa players.
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Re: How to play Nero AAC files?

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Actually, it can.


I have it set up with Exact Audio Copy. In the compression options, you need to:


  • select "User Defined Encoder" from the drop-down list
  • specify the file extension to use as .m4a
  • specify C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe as your compression program
  • use the following command line options:

/c C:\"Program Files"\NeroAAC\neroaacenc.exe -cbr -lc -q 0.5 -if %s -of %d && C:\"Program Files"\NeroAAC\neroaactag.exe %d -meta:artist="%a" -meta:album="%g" -meta:track="%n" -meta:title="%n - %t" -meta:genre="%m" -meta:year="%y"

This will take care of the info tag as well. Note that I have the Nero AAC stuff in a directory "C:\Program Files\NeroAAC"

One problem the View will have is it doesn't recognize the track number in the info tag, so the tracks it produces will just be listed alphabetically. So, I have specified the track number in the song name data, so extracted CDs will at least be properly sorted.

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