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Help me understand

Just bought a View 32GB (yeah, I know but I did anyways).  Anyways help me understand MTP and MSC.  I have been reading all the posts on this, but my question remains.  Are these "modes" only envoked when you connect to a computer?  I mean, when you turn on the View to play music, are these modes insigniciant except for the Database refresh message? Another words when you play music it doesn't matter what mode it is set to, they are both the same? Used only for connection purposes? This is how I am understanding it from my readings.


If not and there is a difference, does one mode have less problems than the other?

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Re: Help me understand

You are correct. They only make a difference (to users) while connected to the computer. People have their own prefences.
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Re: Help me understand

Personally, I've found there to be less problems using MTP than MSC.  With MTP, I never get the duplicate titles when using my SDHC card....