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Help! Lost Movies!

I have a 6 month old 8 GB Sansa View.  I had had some problems with adding songs and vids with "unsupported media format" and deleted the items directly from the View's menu.  However, when deleting them, the memory didn't come back with it.  Soooo, the Sansa help line told me to re-format the View, making sure I had all the files on my computer to place them back on afterwards.  I did it, the memory was wiped clear, I added the music back on no problem. just knew it was coming..., I go to re-add my digital copies (portable versions) back onto my player (via WMP11, Vista) and WMP tells me it cannot due to rights restrictions.


Note, these were all legal digital copies that came with the original DVDs.


Please help me figure out how to get them back on.  I have the codes to 3 of the 4 full length movies, but WMP doesn't even ask me about that, plus, since it was used once I have no idea if it will let me use it again.  My computer that I am using has both the regular digital copy of each movie as well as a portable device version (these were the ones that used to be on the player).


You guys and this site have been of great help before thru explicit questions asked and answered as well as finding answers from people asking questions previously.  I thank you for al the past help and look forward to hearing from you on this problem as well!