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Freezing after LESS THAN 24 HOURS?!

I bought a Refurbed View and it came yesterday (yaaaaay). I charged it up on my 360, hooked it up to my computer loaded up about 4gbs of music and it worked perfectly. Late last night, I went and put on..ehh..6 new albums (less than a Gigs worth), went out to walk my dogs and noticed it was freezing on the database refresh screen!!!

I shut it off and turned it back on...and couldn't get to my music, pix or videos.

I tried removing the new albums and it still freezes. I updated the firmware, and it still freezes. I put on ONE new song, and it freezes.

I am about ready to scream, cry and slam this tiny piece of $h1t into components.

Does anyone know how to fix this before I permanently fix the thing? Yeah, I'm pissed but only because I expected at least, you know, 24 f****ng hours of trouble free operation from the **bleep** thing.