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Counterfeit Micro SD to Standard SD SanDisk Adapters?

As a View owner well aware that it accepts a micro SD card to expand the memory, wife was no longer happy with 16 GB so got her a card.  But also ordered an adapter so could access that card directly from her computer.  Apparently these micro SD card readers are not available.


Wanted one with a SanDisk name on it, got for for a buck including postage from Hong Konk with a red white and blue SanDisk label on.  Best thing about it, it didn't burn up her computer nor the card.  The 3.6 volts outputted on pin 4 of your computer went to a blank pin on the adapter.  With all the other pins mixed up, if that Vdd pin was hot on the micro,  something would have smoked.  I did get my buck back from the seller, but wonder how people can do this.


Now I am trying to learn exactly what a real SanDisk adapter looks like.  These are very difficult to find locally, BestBuy gave one free if you purchased 16 GB  micro SD card from them, but they wanted a hundred bucks for it plus tax.  Price is a little steep, but all their needed accessories are that way.


Anyway, be cautious about buying an adapter card.