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Connection problem with Windows Media Player and Sansa View?

My mother's mp3 player that I was trying to synchronize for the second time after a year was plugged into the computer, but when Windows Media Player came up it would say it 'has encountered a problem and needs to close' after a few seconds. I tried ignoring the pop up after a few more tries, and I put some more music on it and, sure enough, it didn't synchronize at all even though it was saying it was. I think these problems are related.


I'd just like to know what the deal is with this notification popping up before I even have a chance to do anything on Windows Media Player. I couldn't find a similiar question after searching through thread after thread, site after site.


Is downloading the new version of Windows Media Player necessary? I've also read that I have to delete a DRM file or something like that, but I personally have an ipod, and that's an important file to have since I've purchased some music files from Itunes.


Some help ASAP would be appreciated.

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Re: Connection problem with Windows Media Player and Sansa View?

Reinstall your MTP Drivers. Go to Device Manager and Uninstall it, and when you reconnect your View, it will reinstall, and it should work.