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Bricked Refurbished View

I got a refurb 8GB View a few weeks ago and it initially worked fine.  Last night I ran SMC to put some movies on it right before I went to bed; when I woke up this morning, the View was off and unresponsive and SMC had locked up on the eighth movie.  These were small WMV's and it couldn't have been more than a few megs that actually got on to it.  I've had SMC lock up on me before...every time that I've used it, actually, although I always managed to get everything uploaded after a few tries.


After work today I tried hold + menu, hold + select, tried repeatedly turning it on and resetting it, etc.  Twice the front face's blue illumination came on momentarily but went back off.  About an hour later I tried turning it back on and it booted on the first try, refreshed the database perhaps too quickly (database refresh only took a second or two) and seemed fine; when I plugged it back into my PC it immediately bricked for good and will no longer respond to anything.


It came from the factory with the latest firmware.  Aside from deleting the sample music and putting on less than a gig of my own movies and music, I haven't done anything to it.  In fact, I've used it less than twenty times.


What just happened?  Time to send it back to Sandisk?  It's still under warranty.

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Re: Bricked Refurbished View

Being so new, you shouldn't have bizarre problems like that.  Exchange that puppy for another while the limited warranty still applies.  Refurbished machines typically have about 90 days, from what I've seen.


Good luck with the replacement machine, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


The rerurb device might have a hardware issue that is intermittent, that didn't show up on the bench.


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