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Bought Sandisk View 16BG today - not connecting, different to previous threads



I bought a Sandisk View today for my husband.  The shop (CEX) showed me the menu on it when we bought it so I know it was at least working then.


As soon as I got it home I connected it to our computer (Toshiba laptop running Windows 7).  It wasn't recognised, but does show up under Device Manager as "Unknown device".  Obviously it won't charge either because of that.  Since then it has not turned on properly at all.  Instead, when I power on, it flashes the Sandisk logo and then shows a battery icon about a third full in red.  It then just turns off.  I have tried the reset but it just repeats the logo and battery icon regardless of how many seconds I hold it.  


Can anyone help?  This didn't come with instructions (because it's 2nd hand) and I can easily take it back tomorrow if they'll take it back, but my husband is disappointed.  His iphone recently broke (which he relies on because he's blind), I lost my job and this was meant to be a "blind friendly" music player to see him through.  





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Re: Bought Sandisk View 16BG today - not connecting, different to previous threads

I would return it. The View is an ancient model and hasn't been made in years. And even when it was a current model, it was fraught with problems and abandoned by SanDisk's firmware support long beofre it should have been. It has been commonly referred to as SanDisk's "Edsel". Add to this, the fact that it's a used model, and I think you're asking for trouble and it's a waste of your money.


I also really can't see this model being "blind-friendly". With the scroll wheel controls, it seems to me it would be very hard to navigate without the benefit of sight. I would think you could find another player more appropriate and easier for your husband to use, even one of the other Sansa models like one of the Clip+'s for instance.


There is a 3rd party, alternative firmware called Rockbox you can install on this (and many other players) that even has provisions for sightless navigation, where when a button is pressed, it will speak (through the earphones) what command has been issued. It's pretty "techy" and not for everyone, and to set up the sightless feature is even more so (downloading the voice files, etc.), but it is available and helpful to some.