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Blue Ring of Death

My 16gb Sansa View has crashed after two years of service. It constantly restarts itself on its own while it refreshes its database, updates firmware. Last time it restarted itself was during a force format. It now only has a blue ring when connected to computer or turned on. THe screen stays black. I'm well aware of what the problem is, however, in order to reload firmware the computer needs to ba able to run it. When I connect it to my computer I get the "Found New Hardware Wizard" It wants to install drivers for the "USB Device" At the moment I have no such drivers. Using my old E250, I was able to locate the drivers for it. What I need is for somebody to tell me what drivers their VIew uses, and where they are located on the computer. To do this you must right click on "My Computer", select "Manage" from the drop down bar. THis will bring up another screen, on the left hand side there will be a list, select "Devic Manager" From this list. On the right hand side of this screen another list will appear. The View will be under Disk Drives, if connected in one mode, and something else if its connected the other mode(sorry, but i dont know that specific section since my view doesnt come up as any of those) Select your View when you find it and choose properties. Select drivers from properties menu. All the info is in there.


I'm not entirely sure this will work, but if i can the View to connect to the computer then I can reload the firmware in recovery mode. Its just getting it to connect first.


Thanks for any info that you can give me,


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