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slotRadio on Sansa Fuze!

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slotRadio™ is an easy, PC-free experience for digital music. 1,000 songs featuring artists from Billboard®'s charts preloaded onto a tiny microSD card with handcrafted playlists that include hundreds of handpicked artists. Like FM radio, songs are played in sequence and cannot be rewound or rearranged. However, you can skip individual songs as many times as you like, or switch between playlists with a touch of a button. From Country to Modern Rock and everything in between, there's a slotRadio™ card to match your mood or activity. Simply insert a slotRadio™ card into the slotRadio player and feast your ears. Digital music has never been easier.


What slotRadio cards are available?


slotRadio Players are bundled with the slotRadio Mix card. This is a card with a mix of several different genres including Alternative, Rock, Country, Urban, and Contemporary to get you started.


More slotRadio cards coming soon!


80s Rock
90s Rock
Classic Rock
Hard Rock




Classic Love Songs
Country Oldies
Motor City
Pop Oldies
R&B Oldies
Rock Oldies


Classic Country
Country Love Songs
Progressive Country
Road Trip
Today’s Country


Hip Hop/R

Adult R&B

Classic R&B

Dance R&B

Love Jams

Old School

Rap/Hip Hop



80's and 90's

80's Pop

90's Pop

80's and 90's Rock

80's and 90's Alternative

80's and 90's R&B HipHop 





Daily Mix


House Party

Lazy Sunday


Quiet Storm 

Road Trip



Health & Fitness 




Road Work










Chamber Music







slotRadio Mix 





R&B HipHop 








Santa's Mix




Mix De Fiesta 



Pop Latino





Love Songs



Club Motown 

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Re: slotRadio on Sansa Fuze!

Couldn't this be interpreted as SPAM? Smiley Tongue


Or, is it OK since it's from SanDisk?

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Re: slotRadio on Sansa Fuze!

Is it just me? There's no way I'd pay $40 for.... well... not sure exactly because this is all it says


"1,000 Rock songs featuring artists from the Billboard® charts including artists such as Anthrax, Beck, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Coldplay, Corrosion of Conformity, Counting Crows, Duran Duran, Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, Fall Out Boy, Heart, Korn, Live, Living Colour, Megadeth, No Doubt, Santana, Soundgarden, Squeeze, Steely Dan, System of a Down, Tears for Fears, The Killers, The Who and many more. It's great Rock music, made effortless."


"and many more...."????

$40 for random music? No track list, no complete artist list??


*Tip* to whoever markets these cards: Provide at the very least a COMPLETE artist list for each slotradio card.


Just trying to help. Smiley Wink


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Re: slotRadio on Sansa Fuze!

Hey, I wouldn't knock it 'til you try it for yourself!  The SlotRadio is like radio, except you don't have to wade through mindless announcements, irritating advertisements, and such...and you can pause the current song to enjoy later when interrupted.


If you've used the FM radio function, you don't have to worry about reorienting your noggin or the headphone cable to get a better signal either.  There are plenty of genres on the card to suit your current mood.


For direct access of specific tracks, that's what the other functions of the Sansa are for: your favorites, available directly.


And at pennies a song, it's a very good deal.  The tradeoff in accessibility is a simple one.  Just think of radio, as the experience is different.


Oh, and the new logo looks cool.


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Re: slotRadio on Sansa Fuze!

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I think the part that makes it difficult to accept is that we're used to the music really being ours when its on our player - OK, its not really ours but we at least can decide what we want to listen to, and how and when. This is more like a radio, where you have no control over the music. That's understandable when its over the air, but very odd when the music is on your device but you have no say over song selection, play order, or anything other than genre.
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Re: slotRadio on Sansa Fuze!

There should be a complete song list.


I don't like "country": I like George Strait, Dixie Chicks, Ryan Adams, Alison Krauss, Alan Jackson, Wynonna.....and only certain songs by them.


I don't like "rock": I like Nirvana, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Def Leppard...and only certain songs by them.


I don't like "Hip-hop/R&B": I like Rihanna, Public Enemy, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Kanye West, Juelz Santana, etc....


"Pennies per song" is great. Pennies per bad song isn't worth it. 

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Re: slotRadio on Sansa Fuze!

That's exactly my point.  For the individual favorites, as in a few tracks per album, it's often better to purchase just those favorites, rather than an album that is full of fluff that isn't up to the same par as your favorite.


The SlotRadio card is surprising, I haven't been disappointed with "turkeys" in the mix.  It's very similar to the Rhapsody Channels feature, if you stream a channel on the computer.  Not that you have to use Rhapsody, Yahoo music had a similar venue too.  The SR card was a real surprise the first time I scrolled through the menu.


I'm looking forward to future programming with classic jazz, for example.  It's a great way to remember pieces I haven't heard in some time. 


There's a virtual player here at SlotRadio.  Try scrolling through some samples.


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Re: slotRadio on Sansa Fuze!

I could see the appeal to certain user groups...mainly people who do not understand or carte to spend time with file downloading, tagging and so forth.  (insert your stereotype here) Believe it or not there are people out there who really like, or only might pay special attention to, several artists...they just don't care about specifics and just want "music to be on".  It's a good solution.  Some people may not even have a computer available for downloading or file storage and manipulation in conjunction with a standard mp3 player.


If you have technical know-how and interest, and care about specifics of music genres or artists, this is probably not a good fit for you.


I do question how much market there actually is out there though, especially with portable Slacker and Pandora devices.

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Re: slotRadio on Sansa Fuze!

I would like to compile it myself.
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Re: slotRadio on Sansa Fuze!

Read these. Think of your mom. Think of your dad. Now, think of yourself loading music for them... It is precisely like radio, only without the chatter and the commercials. Effortless, with good curation.


And - even -