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Re: problems with chapters in Bible MP3 for Fuze

@jawisa wrote:
I was thinking of organizing it by books such as Genesis, Exodus, etc. What woulf be the best way to do this? This would reduce it to about 50 chapters to select and then you could select the individual files.

If it's not already split into individual chapter files within each book, that's how I would start. Have one folder with everything inside of it. Then two folders in that, one Old Testament and one New Testament. Then inside each of those are the individual books (OT in the OT folder, NT in the NT folder), each in their own folder. Then each chapter is a separate file, named, say, "Nehemiah 04," and you put the info in the ID3 tags to reflect it. So, artist would be "Bible - Old Testament" or just "OT," the album would be "Nehemiah," and each file would be the chapter number, "Nehemiah 04," etc. That way, when you browse, each book shows up as an album within the testament, and you can skip to whatever chapter you want to listen to.


At least, that's what I did. Tagging takes a few hours, but I'm a bit obsessive, too.