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Re: playlist lag on sd card


I don't have the appropriate cards to be able to test it myself, but it should be a very noticable difference.  Especially when copying content to the card.  Class 6 is so cheap right now, I wouldn't consider Class 4.


Newegg has 4GB Class 6 cards for $17 shipped and 8GB Class 6 cards for $37 shipped.  At those prices I don't think the few bucks you'll save on Class 4 justifies the performance penalty.

Actually a 4gb class 4 isn't that slow or different. 


I have a 4gb Fuze.  I just tried my 4gb card with 2 new songs and they synced using WMP10 as quickly as others, loaded just as quickly after I disconnected, and using Recently Added feature, they played right away.  Maybe because mine's a SanDisk card?  It does have the 4 in a circle in the upper right hand corner of the card, so I know it's a 4.  I do have a bunch of podcasts on there (put my learning spanish on one disk)... it says 3.37gb left on the card... so maybe because it's not full it was faster?  My podcasts also play immediately. 


I didn't know about the classes when I bought them so I just bought them off Amazon, they were less then $10, about $15 with shipping... Now I think I'd probably look for class 6 if they have them but I don't see much difference in mine with the 2gb, which is full and I have no idea what class (doesn't say and I no longer have the packaging) or my internal memory.


REFRESH, turned it on and turned it off and trying the cards I have... Just put my 2gb in and it took less then 30 seconds to refresh (this one is almost full).  Now I'll try the 4gb... took about 12 seconds (with the little bit I have on it).

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Re: playlist lag on sd card

thanks for the info-

i'll probably pick up some of each and see if i notice any major differences.


i never realized how quickly i could fill a 4GB card but as small and cheap as they are it's amazing how much of an audio library you can carry with you in such small space.



thinking ahead when the fuze has .flac (and other lossless codec) support.....

i do wonder if that will require class 6 cards if you want to play .flac files from the xpansion slot.


to play .flac the firmware will have to decode the file and i can see speed being a potential issue there.

but if they play fine with class 4 or slower cards, as those things drop in price i'll be in heaven with the gaggle of music bootlegs i have in .flac.


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Re: playlist lag on sd card

I don't think you'll notice a major difference transferring a couple songs, but if you're loading it up for the first time or swapping out a bunch of albums you should notice a difference.


Playback or operation of the player in general should not be any different with Class 4 or 6.  Both are plenty fast enough to handle anything the player does.  It's really just transferring a large amount of data to the player where Class 6 should make a difference.


With regard to FLAC, Class 4 shouldn't be a problem.   FLAC is actually much less computationally complex then MP3, so it should actually be easier on the player.  You might even get slightly better battery life with FLAC.  A typical 4 minute FLAC song is in the neighborhood of 20-30MB, which works out to 5-6MB a minute.  Since the Classes are rated in MB per second, even the slowest classes should be fine for playback.

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Re: playlist lag on sd card

A 4 gig class 6 card might take around 11 minutes to fill, while a class 4 one might take around 17 minutes, and a class 2 one around 33 minutes. So the difference between class 4 and class 6 isn't that huge, but a class 2 card would seem quite slow if you are filling it completely. The prices between class 2, class 4 and class 6 cards have narrowed considerably, although cards faster than class 6 are still very expensive.

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Re: playlist lag on sd card

My Fuze won't play FLAC file, although I already updated the firmware to v.10.10.15a. But the ogg works fine. The FLAC file is detected in song list, but whenever I select it, my Fuze always skip it to the next 'non FLAC' songs. I encoded the song with FLAC quality 5 and I'm using 2 GB non-SDHC card. Is there any faulty with them?