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Re: micro sdhc

Yes and yes.
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Re: micro sdhc

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Re: micro sdhc

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Fusefan wrote: 

This makes me think that someone should "sticky" a thread for good deals found on cases, microSD cards or whatever. Whenever someone finds a good deal, they can reply with a link.




That's a good idea . . . have a separate board named "Deals You Can't Refuse" or "On $ale Now" or "Price Finder" or something like that to indicate that this is the appropriate board to share links to good deals on players, batteries, accessories, memory, songs, CD's, etc.


Yes, the Accessories board could be used for this, but it doesn't seem to be now. I think a different titled board specifucally for "deal-sharing" would get some use from members.


It might even help to keep threads in other boards "on track"!  (Hah! Who am I trying to kid?) Smiley Happy


Mods, are you listening? What do you think? Is this possible?

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