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Re: lost music?

I'm sure Wolfbane has been waiting 5 years for your ill-informed advice, fosterdrew.



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Re: lost music?

Right-click on Start, select "Open Windows Explorer," scroll down and highlight Sansa Fuse drive, type the title of one of your lost songs in the Win Explorer search field, wait for the scan to finish. If Windows finds the song, all the other lost ones will probably be in the same location that will appear as a path in the right pane.


Another option is to use Windows Explorer to manually expand all the folders on your Fuze device, clicking on [+], and look in each folder in the right pane. You might find that your music is all there but can't be found by the player on your device. In such instance, you could create a folder named Music then drag abnd drop all your music into that folder.


Did you go into settings and reset?