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Windows Media Player does not detect existing Play Lists on my Sansa Fuse

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As the subject line implies, when I connect my player to the computer, Windos Media player opens showing all song titles, Groups and such. Ewhen I click on the Sansa Player and click on Play Lists, Media Player informs me that NO Play Lists Exist.  But, they do exist on the Player via the Menu Screen.


I do have back up copies of all my music on 1TB USB Drive, included within  the file directory is a Folder/Playlists.  If I open that folder and click on any of those playlists, the Windows Media Player will open and start playing the songs from that playlist. 


How can I restore all those saved playlist from the USB drive back to my Sansa Fuze so the Windows Media Player will see them in the Sansa Player directory?


I should note that when I got the Fuze, my system was running XP Pro 32 bit and the Windows Media version at that time, I have since upgraded my system to Windows 7 and the most recent version of Windows Media Player.

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Re: Windows Media Player does not detect existing Play Lists on my Sansa Fuse

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Sorry to say but Windows Media Player probably thinks you are using a different computer.


You may have to delete saved playlists from the Sansa and send them over again, one by one. A playlist is basically a list of files and locations. If the files are located on your computer--and playing fine--those are not the ones located on the Sansa. So you may have to make new playlists instead.