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Why did you ever discontinue the Fuze in the first place?

It is now 2017 and I am still using Fuzes as my mp3 players. Most of my use is audiobooks, but I also use them for music. I can easily use one for 6 to 8 hours in a day. As a former studio guitarist and mid-level recording engineer, I have developed too good an ear, unfortunately, for most music reproduction devices. I have tested my Fuzes against the most expensive iPods using $2,000+ studio reference headphones through a studio DSP/headphone amplifier, and none of the iPods comes close to the Fuze in overall sound quality to my ear. The Fuze is so popular that on eBay, a brand new Fuze still in its packaging can bring between $300 and $800 dollars. The only better mp3 players I've seen are upwards of $2,000 to $3,000 new.  I bought a bunch of Fuzes as backups when you discontinued the model and have found 3 excellent used ones since (even a used one often goes for $125 or higher). I'm on my third original one now with only 2 left after this (due mostly to battery fade after a number of years and an annoying headphone jack that loosens up internally and will intermittently drop the left track - fixable, usually, but very delicate work to do it correctly). In a pinch, I can get one of the discarded ones back into working order. The White Screens and skewed displays have been no problem - easy to fix and rare.


I have used Sansas starting with several of the e-series, the View (a real letdown), the Clip+ (pretty good if it had more battery power & worked correctly with .pla playlists, which for some reason it still will give me a context menu option to create, even if it then ignores them), The other Clip models I've tried weren't as good), and, of course, my hoard of Fuzes. I tried a Fuze+, but it's touchscreen was a pain - too easy to tell it to do something you don't want it to do while digging it out of a pocket). I returned it within a week.


Would it be too much to ask to see if you have any left-over unused Fuzes somewhere in your storeroom and make them available for sale? Heck, with such a winner (based on a new Fuze's current sales value) I'm kind of surprized you ever let it get away. It's by far the best one you've made.





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Re: Why did you ever discontinue the Fuze in the first place?

You can buy old Sansa Fuzes from Ebay for around $50 dollars.  You can also buy an iPod Nano 3rd generation, which looks like a chubby fuze, for around $30 dollars (4 & 8b), but it lacks an micro sd slot.


My Fuze's audio jack finally died completely, and I stumbled on the iPod Nano 3rd gen and got one this week.  I still want to get another fuze.