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Re: White screen...again...

Try forcing an MSC connection and then use Windows to format it. With your player off, slide the power switch down to the locked position. Now press & hold the REW |<< button while plugging the Fuze's cable into the bottom of the player. Continue holding the |<< button down until it powers up and is recognized by your computer. You should now be in MSC mode, regardless of the setting on the player.


In MSC mode, your Fuze will be seen as 2 separate drives, each with its own drive letter (like F: & G: ). The first letter will be your player; the 2nd will be your card slot, whether or not there is a card inserted. Right-click on your player's drive and select Format... next you should be given the option to do a Quick Format (you don't wnat this) or a regular Format. If your player is over 2GB the file system should come up automatically as FAT32. There will be a warning that formatting will rease all content; Are you sure you want to continue or something like that. Continue and press OK or whatever the button says.


This should allow Windows to format your Fuze without any error messages.

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Re: White screen...again...

I did that, and it said it was unable to complete it. There's nothing there, so should I try to drag and drop the firmware into it?

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