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Re: White Screen of Death

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@jdj624 wrote:

just got my sandisk charged it for 3 hours and it wasnt even 5 friggin mins and i have the white screen of death it wont do a **bleep** thing

Do the reset procedure as mentioned above. Normally 20-30 secs. are adequate, but if it does not shut down, keep holding the sliding power switch in the uppermost position until it does. It will eventually. After the screen goes dark, I'd continue the hold it for an additional 20 secs. or so to make sure it completes the reset. Now it should turn on and operate normally.


If not, I would A.) return it to your dealer for an exchange, or B.) contact SanDisk Tech Support about a warranty replacement. If you have to contact SanDisk, it's usually better (and faster) to call rather than sending an e-mail.

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Re: White Screen of Death

bacause of LCD me too my sansa mp3 player is turning into white screen Smiley Sad and i`ve listen music

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Re: White Screen of Death

@MissPooh wrote:

I've had my Sansa Fuze since January 2009 and it worked fine for about a year and a half. Then this spring, I turned it on and the White Screen of Death came up, but I was still able to listen to music like normal. I tried the soft reset and formatting it, to no avail. I really don't have the money to go out and buy a new one, and I've got tons of music on it so I'd rather be able to fix it. I take good care of my electronics - I might have only dropped it once or twice. Can someone please help me with this? I obviously can't return it since it's been so long. I see this happens with a LOT of there something up with Sansa mp3 players?

I have an 8gig model from Costco Xmas 2009. The memory is dated Oct.2009....One year in, I dropped it off the table 32" and it started white screening.  I found that turning it off and 'firmly' placing it down on it back would bring the screen back. Some people here use their thighs....On a side note, I found running Rockbox lessened the number of times it will go in white screen mode.


Warning....if the machine is still under warrenty, send it back. There is an instance of the fuze white screening while refreshing its database. Don't be alarmed by this. This doesn't happen with the Rockbox OS and database refreshes are done in the backround.

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Re: White Screen of Death

Seriously, Sansa should just hire the Rockbox guys to do all there firmware creation because the default one is a bit lackluster. Anyway, yea I have the same issue. I have some songs on it, the Fuze white screens on "refreshing media" and wont proceeed past a certain point, though Rockbox loads fine and reads from elsewhere. So best bet for those is too install Rockbox if you still can.

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Re: White Screen of Death

I have had a couple of visits from this turd in the punchbowl. I play my black 8gb Fuze connected to a power supply and through small Creative Labs computer speakers. The first time I tried all the tricks and no soap. So I figured since there is nothing I can do, then I will do nothing and let the batter run down. The nasty creature departed after a few hours and I was back up. The second time it happened, I did the same non-thing with the same happy result


Recently I have a new intruder. screen shows the usual thing but the song will not play and it freezes. The first time it straigntend out. the second time it seemed to just die and would not play  but I left it connected. For a few hours it was ice cold then later when I piced it up to give it a decent Atheist burial, it was warm. Figuring something had changed, I turned it on and all was well and has been ever since

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Re: White Screen of Death

Here's a solution that works for me:

Whenever I turn on my Sansa I get white screen. I even stopped using player for several months and then when I tried to open player's case just for fun it started working normally. Now, when I turn on player I get white screen, so I open slightly player's case from bottom and it works. Worth noting is that I didn't broke anything or modifided player.


So if you lost any hope, try this solution. Anyway you have nothing to lose. ;P

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Re: White Screen of Death

I had the same problem. I tried everything that you guys posted to no avail. I then put it on the docking station of my  inmotion sansa portable speaker system and, voila, it started charging and the white screen of death was gone!

Does it have something to do with direct dock vs. USB? I don't know but it solved my problem. Good luck.