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@kchallender wrote:

Thank you so much for your settings, unfortunately those settings did not prevent the garbling!!!  If I could attach the file I would. 


I have also sent a request to universal, but if they respond it will probably not be for days.


Does anyone know how to load a DVD to the player.  Again, I tried to encode the files directly from the disk, but received the error message that sound would not convert.


I chose this player because of the FM transmitter and it seemed to be just as compatible as an iPod, but I am seriously thinking about returning it for an iPod.


I haven't tried the newer DVDs or the digital copy ones.  But the only way I've done it (and my coworkers with their ipods) is to convert the DVD first using AnyDvdConverter.  I then have to use SMC.  I haven't tried gwk1967 idea, but may on my next one.  The only difference between my Fuze and my coworkers ipods is the SMC.  There were a few DVDs that ADC (same as AVC) would not convert.  And maybe one that SMC didn't (I think all of them have that ADC has converted for me successfully).  Again I haven't tried the newest or digital DVDs.


My Fuze is just as compatable as ipods.