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Sansa Returns

Hello. I just received a Sansa Fuse for my birthday. I am unable to figure out how to load music or whatever. I have read directions, tried using the Rhapsody gift card, and just can't figure it out.

Does Sansa take returns if I haven't downloaded anything?

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Re: Sansa Returns

No, but the retailer where it was purchased might. Tell them it was a gift & you have no receipt. They'll probably give you a store credit or gift card that you have to spend there, but it's better than nothing.


But why don't you keep it? It's a great little player, and it's really not that hard to learn. Start with the User's Guide, and the Sansa website (linked to in the upper left-hand corner of every page here on the forum).


And there's also a bunch of very nice folks here just itchin' to help you with whatever you may run into.


Try it . . . I think you'll like it! Smiley Happy