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Re: Sansa Fuze Firmware Update 01.02.26 & 02.02.26

I have an "older" Sansa Fuze 2gb Black, running Firmware Version 1.02.  My PC is Windows 10.  I tried installing the Updater, but apparently it doesn't like Win10?  I also tried downloading the 2.02 patch and the instructions say to extract the files to the root directory of the Fuze.  Unfortunately, the Fuze doesn't let me do that.  When I try to drag or copy & paste, it doesn't give me an option to "paste" or "move" the files to the root directory?


What am I doing wrong?  This MP3 player has worked great for me for several years, and I'm not really interested in replacing it at this time.



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Re: Sansa Fuze Firmware Update 01.02.26 & 02.02.26

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Version 1 and Version 2 of the Fuze use different software.


You can't install 2.x versions in Version 1 Fuzes.


The updater always was a useless thing. Go to the first page of the thread below to download what I believe is the last Fuze firmware.


Get the All Region version. Unzip it and put it on the root directory--the driveletter--of the Fuze.


If you have the final update of Version 1--1.02.31--then that's as far as it goes.


And if Windows 10--an evil piece of garbage bloatware--won't do it, see if you can borrow a computer with Windows 7 or before. You don't have to install the Updater on it--just unzip your downloaded 1.02.26 and send it over.

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